Phosphorylated starch (E-1410)

General information

Starch phosphate from VIMAL is compound ether of starch and phosphoric acid, releasing during processing of native starches with different phosphates. Starch phosphates are used as structure formers, gelling materials and emulsion stabilizers.


Phosphorylated Starch is widely used in different fields of national economy:

  • for preparation of mayonnaises, gravies, creams, sauces, babyfoodproductsanddietaryfoods;
  • for stabilization and thickening of foodproducts which are kept frozen as well as inthepudding production;
  • for preparation of forms in foundry operations;
  • in polygraphy that allows increasing of paper rupture resistance, keeping pigment, decreasing of printing ink penetration;
  • in textile industry for paint thickening and in order to make fabrics ductile.  
1AppearanceHomogeneous powder
2Moisture, %14
3Weight percentage of general ash, %1,3
5Viscosity, secне менее 25
6Odour and tasteUsual for starch

Hydroxypropyl distarch phosphate

Hydroxypropyl distarch phosphate (E-1412) from VIMAL  – is a starch which is the prototypical chemically modified "cross-linked" resistant starch. 

"Cross-linked"  is a kind starch in which with help of multipurpose agents two or more polymer chains are cross-linked between each other.

The paster of our cross-linked starch is less transportent and has a dripping texture. It is more steady to the low pH level, high temperature, and physical influence. If to warm up our starch with a neutral pH  water slurry you will get a semi-pastered starch grains - and ability to keep the swell will appear.  

VIMAL cross-linked corn (maize) starch is great for production of latex comodity. Surgical gloves and condomes are covered up with our starch to prevent them from less sticky. It also gives an opportunity to reduce the risk of contact dermatitis as it adsorbs latex proteins.

VIMAL PPCE is the only company on the CIS market which are able to produce any kind of starch on the customer's demand. 


Keep in a cool dry place separately from substances with strong odour.


Phosphorylated starch is modified maize starch approved for application in food, polygraphic, light industry and mechanic engineering. Identification number is Е 1410.

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