About us

Your starch expert since 1992


We, are family company VIMAL , we are the largest and most experienced producers of potato starch and starch products in Ukraine since 1992




We - are the first and the biggest potato starch exporter to European Union market for the modemn Ukrainian history. We are recognized and trusted by the customers in more than 25 countries around the world.


We operate our own certified laboratory which keeps an eye on outstanding quality control and development of the new products for our clients.


We - are two biggest and the most advanced potato starch and derivatives factories in Ukraine with the most experienced team of professionals, our VIMAL CREW. We are making not just starch, we offer guarantee and confidence from the family business with a long history for which reputation is not just a word.


We have changed 2 technological generations of our equipment during our history, reached the quality of world's TOP manufacturers and offer the highest pharma grade quality.


We care and started a deep potato processing project DPPP which will allow us to get brand new organic products from potatoes like protein, food fibers and agricultural fertilizer. That will significantly reduce our eco-impact and make the production almost 100% RECYCLE.

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Potato starch

here you can buy best in Ukraine FOOD GRADE potato starch VIMAL packed in 25 kg bags or 0,5 kg packets for household or industrial usage


prepared under the unique recipe from the potato or corn (maize) starch and one of the very few glues which are allowed for using in food industry

Oxidized starch

this starch is widely used in the areas where the starch solutions with a high concentration and stable viscosity needed

Having two the most advanced and high-tech starch factories, VIMAL is the largest potato starch manufacturer in Ukraine which has operated since 1992. From the very beginning, VIMAL was focused on producing high-quality products and providing excellent customer service.  We pride ourselves on more than 30 years of experience in starch production, and we are driven by a passion to produce a product that is more than just a commodity. We honour the history and use state of art technology in which we put each batch of starch we produce, ensuring that our customers receive a product that is of the highest quality, consistency, customer support and reputation. Paying the most strict attention to reputation, VIMAL is a long term partner for B2B customers around the globe who value quality, history and reliability.