About us

VIMAL - authorized Nestle supplier 


Potato starch factory VIMAL is one of the biggest and modern producers of starch and derivates within Ukraine.


Since the 1992 we have 40 times increase in our prodiction capacity. 


Our own and the only authorized starch laboratory in Ukraine is working with the quality control and developing new types of starches and derivatives. 


Our competent and permanently developing stuff which was forming during 25 years has unique experience and would make their best to supply you with an extra quality product.


Private Production and Commercial Enterprise was founded on 17th of September 1992.


Native Potato Starch VIMAL is produced and used in food since the summer of 1994. 

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Potato starch

here you can buy best in Ukraine FOOD GRADE potato starch VIMAL packed in 25 kg bags or 0,5 kg packets for household or industrial usage

Phosphorylated starch

our invention and your tool for structure formation, stabilization and thickening of the emuslions and various mixtures


prepared under the unique recipe from the potato or corn (maize) starch and one of the very few glues which are allowed for using in food industry


acetylated potato or corn (maize) “cross-linked” starch from VIMAL which is produced in two variations: distarch phosphates (Е1414)and distarch adipate (Е1422)

Oxidized starch

this starch is widely used in the areas where the starch solutions with a high concentration and stable viscosity needed

Our more than 24 years experience allows us to increase the goods quality to an outstanding level. VIMAL starches corresponds to all international quality standards, this fact can be proved by the ISO and HACCP certificates and successful export to more than 25 countries around the globe, including European Union and Asia. We can proudly mention that the quality of our goods is the best among the CIS region producers, and as a result we are taking the first place at the international starch competition third time in a raw.