Corn Dextrin (E-1400)

Dextrin from VIMAL is heat-treated starch produced from potato or corn starch. Dextrin is one of few starch glue permitted for application in food industry. Dextrin - one of the cheapest starch glue!

Corn dextrin VIMAL

Dextrin types, depening on its collor. From left to right: yellow, pale-yellow, white. There are both dry powder and ready glue shown on the picture. 


VIMAL Dextrin will help you in different field of agriculture, mainly for adhesives production, namely: for packs pasting, for glass containers labeling or for adhesive paper tape preparation or coin wrapping  in bank institutions and for food containers production, or it is used in match industry and  as a glue for stamps and envelops. Dextrin is also great for paper and cardboard production like paper tubes, cardboard protection corners, boxes or even for glueing of the cardboard layers. Dextrin mixture is also able to thicken textile paints thus it is irreplaceable in the light industry. 

Dextrin from VIMAL is also used in:

  • in light industry –to growth in textile ink density;
  • in the foundry industry - for bonding foundry sand;
  • for agglomeration of ores, coal briquetting, insecticides pelletizing;
  • in the manufacture of glass fiber - for grinding threads immediately after their formation;
  • in food industry dextrin with high solubility in cold water is used as carriers of active ingredients of food powders and pigments.
  • in production of abrasive intruments, tools.


Technical data of VIMAL corn Dextrine E-1400

Наименование показателейСреднее значение
1FormHomogeneous powder 
3OdourCharacteristic for dextrin 
4Moisture content., 555
5Acidity сm3/100 g3,5 - 4,5
6Number of black spots per 1 dm2300
7Ash (on dry base).0,4
8Acidity for 100g using 0,1M NaOH, max.50
9Solubility in cold water, %, min.627895
10Metal foreign matterAbsent
11Mesh size-pass through 85 mesh, % min.99
12GMO contentAbsent
13Chloride, % max.0,2
14Crude Fat, % max.1
15Lead, mg/kg max.1
16Protein, % max.0,5
17Sulfur Dioxide, % max.0,005


VIMAL certificates



Dextrin should be stored in dry, well-ventilated areas free of any foreign odor and not contaminated by grain stocks pests.


VIMAL Dextrin - heat-treated potato or corn starch approved for use in food processing, light industry, printing, coal industry and engineering.Identification number is E 1400.

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