Oxidized starch (E-1404)

General information

Oxidizing amyl (or Oxyamyl) is modified starch produced by means of oxygenation of potato or maize starch and widely used in the fields where the starch solutions with a high concentration and stable viscosity needed.

Oxidized starch from VIMAL E-1404

Oxidized starch, Oxidizing amyl  VIMAL (Е-1404)


Oxidizing amyl (or Oxyamyl) will help you in many different industries where the starch solutions with a high concentration and stable viscosity needed.

  • as stabilizers in ice-cream and milk pudding production;
  • in confectionary industry as structure creators for preparation of fillings, jellies, lukuma, deserts, soufflé, etc.
  • in baking industry it improves physical properties of dough, increases its capability to hold gases;
  • in paper production it is used for getting into mass and for surface sizing, increases strength and improves quality of paper and cardboard on the basis of primary and secondary semi-finished products;
  • for preparation of batter coating that is used for frying of fish and meat in a production environment;
  • in textile industry for yarn smoothing;
  • in construction industry for production of isolation cardboard and acoustic tiles;
  • in wafer cups production.  

Generally, oxidized starch from VIMAL is designed as a tool in food industry for stabilizing, thickener and structure formator. 

Using our Oxyamyl give an opportunity to replace in technology process an expensive agaroid. 

Oxydized by means of potassium permanganate it is great as a raw material during the production of swelling starches, dry ice-cream mixtures and also for food grade dextrin glue preparation. 

You need professional roasting? VIMAL oxydized starch will help you to prepare fist class liquid breading which can be easily used during the industrial roasting of any kind of food products. 

In bakery our Oxydizing amyl with 100% guarantee will increase physical charackterstics of a backers dought, improves its ability of gas-retaining. The process of fermentation can be reduced up to 30-60 minutes.

Place about 5kg of our Oxydized Amyl per 1 tone of the dough and you will increase the outcome of the bread up to 9-18% depending on the bread type and flour quality. Moreover, you will increase the structure of bread's porosity and the crumb will become more plastic and stailing process will last longer.   

Bakery starch from VIMAL


Oxidized starches can be also used during the paper production for its upper side glueing, and as a result you will receive hard and smooth layer on the surface of the paper which will close the pores and increases the quality of printing and writing process. 

The starch for breading


Textile industry uses our Oxyamil for grinding cotton and synthetic yarns. It is also used for production of sound isolation slabs. 

Technical data

No.PropertiesAverage value
1AppearanceHomogeneous powder
2ColourWhite with coffee-colour tincture 
3OdourUsual for starch, without foreign odour
4Weight part of moisture, %17,0-18,6
5Acid value7-9
6Weight part of general ash,  %, not more than0,2 - 0,34
7Weight part ofSO2, %, not more than0,002
8Viscosity, sec., by8% of paste not more than22-25
9Strength of starch draggles , g, not less than1000-1100
10QualityHighest (mark А)
VIMAL products certificates



Keep in a cool dry place separately from substances with foreign odour.


VIMAL Oxidized starch - oxidized potato or maize starch approved for application in food, polygraphic and light industries, and in construction. Identification number is Е1404.  

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